Equity capital

Registered ordinary shares State Registration Number 1-05-08443-H
Par value of one issued share RUB 1.00
Number of issued shares 2,278,636,493
Amount of issue RUB 2,278,636,493
International Stock Identification Number (ISIN) MOEX / RU000A0JR4A1

Moscow Exchange’s equity capital is RUB 2,278,636,493 and is equal to the total number of outstanding registered ordinary shares.

Moscow Exchange shares have been traded on the Moscow Exchange Equity & Bond Market since 4 February 2013, under trading code MOEX. The IPO price was RUB 55 per share. Since 2 April 2013, MOEX shares have been listed as А First Level.

Moscow Exchange shares are included in the calculation of major Russian indices, such as MICEXINDEXCF and RTSI. These indices include shares with the highest liquidity among 50 major Russian issuers representing the main sectors of the economy. MOEX shares are also included in the blue chips index (RTSSTD), which is the market indicator of the Russian shares with the highest liquidity. It is calculated based on deals involving the shares of the 15 issuers with the highest liquidity in the Russian Securities Market. MOEX shares are included in the calculation of the Banking and Finance sector index, which also includes the shares of Russian issuers operating in this sector. MOEX shares are included in the composition of the Retirement Savings Market Index.

Moscow Exchange shares are included in international indices, such as those calculated by MSCI and Market Vectors Index Solutions (MVIS), which is evidence of international recognition of the Company. This contributes to strengthening Moscow Exchange’s positive reputation among major institutional investors who base their decisions to buy securities on such indices. MOEX’s weight in the MSCI Russia Index is 0.9%. In mid-March 2016, MVIS included MOEX shares in its calculation of the MVRSX Index. MVRSX is a benchmark for Market Vectors Russia ETF (RSX) Fund, which manages approximately USD 1.9 bln.

Equity capital structure

Moscow Exchange’s major shareholders (with a share of at least 5%) include six international and Russian institutional investors. As of the end of March 2016, their cumulative share accounted for 43% of all shares in the Company. Thus, the Company’s free float is 57%, one of the highest free floats among Russian companies.

In 2015, Moscow Exchange did not issue any additional shares. The list of entities holding more than five per cent of the Company’s voting shares remained unchanged. In February 2016, Chengdong Investment Corporation sold its entire 5.58 per cent stake in Moscow Exchange.

As of 16 March 2015, MICEX-Finance, a Moscow Exchange’s wholly-owned subsidiary, held 1.89% (or 43 mln shares) of the Exchange’s total shares issued.

In 2015, there were no interested party transactions on special terms with Moscow Exchange shareholders: all transactions were market-based and had terms similar to transactions with Company’s other counterparties.

Capital structure as of 16 March 2016
Capital Structure as of 16 March 2016