Investor relations

Number of meetings with investors
Number of meetings with investors

In 2015, Moscow Exchange’s management held over 270 meetings with investors in different formats: at MOEX offices, conferences and during roadshows.

The MOEX Shareholders Day took place in April 2015 in the form of web-based conference, a format that allowed for dialogue between MOEX senior management and shareholders or potential investors anywhere in the world. The audience constituted nearly 250 people from 30 regions of Russia and abroad.

Moscow Exchange’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders took place on 28 April 2015, with over 100 shareholders participating. The meeting agenda comprised 16 items, including approval of Moscow Exchange’s annual report and financial statements, income distribution (including the 2014 dividend pay-out), new members of the Supervisory Board, etc.

In 2015, investors and analysts visited the Dataspace 1 data centre as part of the Reinvest MOEX programme. The aim of the event was to give market participants a deeper understanding of the specifics of the business. Dataspace 1 is Russia’s first data centre with full Tier III certification, which guarantees that it is highly reliable, operationally sustainable and not prone to failures. Moscow Exchange’s IT strategy, a major part of the Group’s overall strategy, was outlined for the guests.

Moscow Exchange won the Best Russian Company award in the category of Investor Relations (IR) from among 40 companies with medium capitalisation. The award is based on the outcome of the independent Extel Pan-European 2015 survey, which was conducted among more than 18,000 professional investors and analysts from the finance sector in over 80 countries. The following individuals also won personal IR awards on the basis of the survey: Alexander Afanasiev, CEO of Moscow Exchange , was awarded best CEO for investor relations; Evgeny Fetisov, Moscow Exchange CFO, won for the best CFO in terms of investor relations; and Sergei Klinkov, Investor Relations Director, was named the best investor relations professional.

Investors’ opinion on investor relations at Moscow Exchange

In 2014 and 2015, Moscow Exchange commissioned surveys to learn more about the perceptions of investors and analysts.