Philanthropic activities

Charity decisions at the Moscow Exchange are made collectively by members of the Charity Policy Committee, which approves the annual budget and expenditure plan. In 2015, the Moscow Exchange Group allocated a total of about RUB 25.5 mln to social initiatives.

The Company organises charity events providing each employee with the opportunity to act as a volunteer, as well as offering a variety of options for making donations. Announcements of socially significant activities are included in the Company News morning newsletter, and reports and photo essays about the events are posted on the Corporate Philanthropy intranet page, where employees can also register to participate in volunteer events and make a donation, as well as advertise alternative charitable projects.

Moscow Exchange Group’s charitable activities prioritise long-term financing of social projects through specialist foundations. Provision of assistance mediated by non-profit organisations reaches a large number of people in need while also ensuring the transparency of expenditures. Partnership programmes are developed with the following foundations: Gift of Life, Vera and ORBI. Moscow Exchange also provides direct, targeted assistance to socially vulnerable and physically challenged categories, people of retirement age and children.

Gift of Life Charity Foundation

The Foundation is engaged in the treatment and rehabilitation of children suffering from blood-related illnesses. Funds in the amount of RUB 6 mln allocated by Moscow Exchange in 2015 were used to support the most important programme of the foundation — Voluntary Donation, which provides donor blood to sponsored hospitals, as well as to all those who appeal directly for help: children and adults, patients undergoing long-term treatment, and accident victims. In 2015, 30 Moscow Exchange employees donated blood during an outreach donor event held by Gift of Life Foundation. Moscow Exchange employees also collected about RUB 40,000 to help children in the care of the Foundation.

Vera Charity Foundation

This Foundation is engaged in the development of palliative care in Russia and supports more than 50 hospices in Moscow and other regions of the country. In 2015, Moscow Exchange funded the Foundation’s programme to support regional hospices to the tune of RUB 6 mln. In particular, half of the allocated funds were used for an inpatient facility and mobile unit at one of the first hospices in Russia, the Pskov St Martha and Mary Hospice. The rest of the funds were used for the immediate needs of hospices: acquisition of care supplies, supplemental nutrition for patients, special beds and chairs, vehicles for mobile units, and financial aid for staff. In 2015, the Group conducted another campaign to collect basic goods, sending about 30 boxes with more than 1,000 essential items to patients of the Second Moscow Hospice.

ORBI Foundation

This Foundation focuses on stroke prevention and assists patients and families in post-stroke rehabilitation. In 2015, Moscow Exchange allocated RUB 500,000 to support the ORBI Healthy Schools programme, which trains families in the proper care of stroke patients and the creation of a barrier-free environment around the patient. In 2015, more than 200 classes held by the Healthy School in a number of regions of Russia were attended by over 2,000 people. The programme also offers skills training for employees of hospitals, polyclinics and care homes.

Targeted charitable activity

In honour of the 70th anniversary of the victory in World War II, Moscow Exchange provided financial assistance to war veterans: one-off payments were received by more than 120 World War II veterans and disabled soldiers, home front workers, siege survivors, and prisoners of concentration camps. The total amount of payments exceeded RUB 7 mln.

The Company continued to finance the Udelnaya orphanage, and to contribute to the social adaptation of orphans. In particular, the Company participated in the organisation of summer camps for orphans. As in the previous year, the Group supported a project to publish full-colour illustrated and embossed books for children with visual impairments, as well as a special edition on palliative care for children. In addition, funds were allocated for the Duet wheelchair dance club to support student participation in competitions.

The Company allocated funds for the purchase of children’s wheelchairs and a standing frame for children with cerebral palsy, as well as for the treatment of children in rehabilitation centre. In 2015, collaboration was initiated with the Danilovtsy volunteer movement. With support from the Group, movement volunteers organise regular events for oncology patients at the Rogachev Children’s Haematology Centre.