Shaping the investment community

As part of its on-going engagement with private investors, Moscow Exchange facilitates the effective use of exchange instruments and services. The Best Private Investor 2015 competition was held in September — December 2015. It attracted 13,447 participants, 8,706 of whom were actively engaged in trading equity, derivatives and FX market instruments. The total turnover of contestants’ trading was more than RUB 2.3 trillion.

One of the most important areas of Moscow Exchange’s activities is improving corporate governance at Russian companies. In 2015, Moscow Exchange, jointly with RCB Media Group, organised the annual report competition for the 18th year in a row, with the aim of maintaining a high level of corporate disclosure transparency and efficiency. Every year brings more participants to the competition. 149 companies, including 19 newcomers, submitted applications for the 2015 competition.

In 2015, Moscow Exchange provided support to the Independent Directors Association (IDA) and the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) in holding the Director of the Year National Award. The award promotes the introduction and dissemination of the highest standards and best practices in corporate governance and boards of directors’ activities in Russia.

In 2015, Moscow Exchange continued its cooperation with self-regulatory organisations in financial markets. Moscow Exchange was an official partner of the National Association of Securities Market Participants (NAUFOR) in organising two conferences: the Russian Stock Market in 2015: In the Fog of Uncertainty (May, Moscow), and the eighth annual conference of Ural NAUFOR (October, Ekaterinburg). Conference participants included, as is usually the case, exchange experts and leaders.