Global connection infrastructure to Moscow Exchange

As part of its strategy to expand its international presence , Moscow Exchange began offering its customers network connectivity in top financial centres using TMX Atrium’s infrastructure. Moscow Exchange’s enhanced services will provide customers with connections to the Exchange’s Trading and Information Systems via more than 9 points of presence (POPs) across the globe. Global liquidity centres including London, Chicago, New York and Frankfurt are now linked to Moscow by low latency routes over a high capacity fibre network owned and operated by TMX Atrium.

The service is in demand by international clients using SMA, as well as by market data providers and order-management system (OMS) vendors. In future, Moscow Exchange plans to expand the geography of network infrastructure for connections in Europe and Asia.

The point of presence in London (Equinix LD4), in operation since 2012, which had outdated connection settings, was closed in September 2015 after successful completion of customer migration to the new infrastructure.

Customer equipment deployment

The DataSpace1 data centre to which Moscow Exchange moved its infrastructure in 2015 has been certified as Tier III Operational Sustainability-Gold. A new co-location area has been set up DPC, and Moscow Exchange plans to begin deployment of customer equipment in the new data centre in the summer of 2016. The new co-location area provides much more reliable and failsafe infrastructure for Moscow Exchange and significantly higher service quality for high-speed market access.

Connectivity to Moscow Exchange
Connectivity to Moscow Exchange